Heather Hoodie Vest

Heather Hoodie

Pattern: Heather Hoodie Vest, Fall 09 Knitscene
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool, 2 balls
Needles: US 10.5 Addi circulars
Modifications: Only did about 6 rows for the ribbing for the arms and the button band.

I started this hoodie with my friend Jillian as a knitalong.  We both saw it out of the Fall Knitscene and I think I totally convinced her to make it all the while knowing she wasn't going to be too happy with the 200+ stitches she had to pick up for the button band.  Sorry there Jill!

We also kinda had to use the word "knitalong" loosely.  I can't help myself sometimes, I get into a groove and then poouf it's blocking on the floor of my apartment.  These hands have a mind of their own!

Heather Hoodie Vest

Cascade Eco Wool really blocks out so nicely. This sweater has no shaping but I find that the cables gather it in just enough to give the illusion of shaping.  EcoWool also has the tendency to grow lengthwise but I think in this case it's ok.

I also happen to LOVE the over sized hood.

Heather Hoodie Vest

When you have a pretty large head of hair it's hard to find a hood that won't fall back.  This one has so much room I can let the curls fall where they may and feel assured my head will stay warm.  For those who aren't into such a huge hood, there are many people that dialed it back a bit by doing a few less rows.

I got the buttons sewed right before the husband and I went off to an Oktoberfest party.  Lederhosen, beer steins, wurst platters and a hand knitted sweater. Perfektion!

Thus concludes the cardigan making for a while.  I have a few other sweaters half way done in the knitting basket but I am feeling the scarf/hat need at the moment.  October is almost here which means a Ten-Ten party is soon to come 🙂

20 thoughts on “Heather Hoodie Vest

  1. nova says:

    I was wondering how bulky this hoodie would look in real life. I love yours, quite a bit, actually. I have some Eco Wool…perhaps it wants to be a Heather Hoodie?


  2. Jen says:

    Looks great! I saw the picture of the back and thought, oh, nice, it has shaping, and then read your comment underneath. Lol–the cables really DO make it look like it has shaping!


  3. Heather says:

    Another winner, kid! Genius choice on the neutral color, this looks so great on you. I’m almost done with the back on mine and hope to have it done in time for Rhinebeck:)


  4. Esther says:

    love the jersey but unfortunately i cannot get hold of the pattern. would love to have this pattern in my collection any ideas where to find it in South Africa?


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