5th Avenue

Patricia and I have a friend we call Diva Jess.  She's works in the fashion industry and always gives us the scoop on what the trends are.  She came into the shop like a storm a few weeks ago and told us that we HAD to cast on righthisverymoment for an infinity scarf. "They're Everywhere!", she said.  Sure enough in a lot of catalogs and magazines it's been hard to not notice the infinity scarf.  I have been so excited about making one for myself and here it is!

5th Avenue

EDITED October 2011

Pattern: 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf (my own – queue it up!)
Yarn: The Fibre Co, Canopy Worsted, 5 skeins
Needles: Size US8 [5mm] 40 inch circular
Gauge: 20 sts over 4" in pattern

The Pattern:
CO 240, make sure you're not twisting stitches Place Marker and join in round

1st Rnd: Knit all stitches
2nd Rnd: *YO, K2tog*, repeat * * to marker.
3rd Rnd: Knit all stitches
4th Rnd: *Slip 1, K1, Pass Slipped Stitch Over (PSSO), YO*, repeat * * to marker.

Repeat 4 rows until desired width.  My scarf measures approx 60 inches around and 10 inches wide.

For a chunkier, cowl like version – check out the Fifth Avenue Cowl!

ETA:  With the huge popularity with this pattern I though I would write a quick note to help those having problems.  The number of stitches never changes throughout the pattern.  Each K2tog is paired with a YO (as each Slip 1, K1, PSSO is paired with a YO) if you find that you are increasing or decreasing your stitches in anyway then you missed or added a YO.  In Row 4 you should be slipping the knitted YO from Row 2 and knitting the knit stitch.  In Row 2, you should be inserting your needle first into the knitted YO then the knit stitch for your K2tog.    I hope this helps and I'm really truly humbled and excited so many are making one!

5th Avenue

The scarf is so versatile.  It's long enough to wear it all cozied up around your neck or just draped low.  You could also wrap it around your head like a hood when the weather really gets cold.  Not to mention the yarn is luxuriously soft!  The only thing some people working with the dark Worsted Canopy may notice is that the yarn bleeds while you work with it.  I got to see the Kelbourne Woolen ladies yesterday at Rheinbeck (SO FUN by the way!) and they said the dye is set it just needs an extra soak.


I plan on making many more for friends and family especially with the holidays coming up! And now that you know what to do Go cast one on rightthisveryminute!

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91 thoughts on “5th Avenue

  1. Lauri says:

    This Cowl is absolutely beautiful!!! I could not find one this nice, in a worthy yarn, to buy. Sometimes they look nice, but the yarn is just unacceptable. Yours is just classy!!! Thank you SOOO much for sharing your gift with us! I REALLY appreciate it!


  2. Sandy says:

    I can’t wait, must find some yarn as soon as I finish my Wendy Scarf. It already is 60″ but I want to try making it 80″ so I can
    wrap it around my neck a couple of times.
    In answer to some of the questions/comments it doesn’t appear to be a mobius because if you read the pattern it says, don’t twist your stitches …
    Thanks for sharing.. It is a real beauty..


  3. anonymous says:

    In row 3, for an easier motion (faster) you can do – K1*YO,SSK*. Because it is a decrease that slants in the same direction, it looks identical to the SL1,K1,PSSO- but it goes faster and doesn’t cause hurt wrists as quickly.


  4. Rhyannon says:

    Am I missing something because I am having a strip of solid knit stitches due to the k1’s at the beginning and end of the yarn-over rows. I am tempted to eliminate them…


  5. Géraldine says:

    Hello, I am currently knitting this scarf. Very beautiful, but some difficulties are arising: when you say«In Row 2, you should be inserting your needle first into the YO then the knit stitch for your K2tog» I don’t understand. You knit from the row 1, which is knitting all the way: can you explain?
    also, any good way of keeping counts of the 241 stitches without having to recount after every row? thank you so much for anwering!


  6. SandyB says:

    This is so so pretty! I think it will be my next project after I finish the Mac & Me ‘Babushka’ scarf. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with us.


  7. Sami says:

    Just confirming that you cast on 300 stitches based on the 20 stiches over 4 inches and you made a 5 food scarf… How is it for stretch? Does it remain stretched out if you wrap around your neck and head or does in nicely go back to knitted form once taken off? I just LOVE this pattern – thanks for creating it!


  8. Sara says:

    Wonderful pattern, thanks for sharing! If you were to make it shorter, so as to not ever double it, how much shorter would you make it? 30 in? 40 in?
    I don’t have quite enough of the yarn to make it as long as yours…


  9. susan says:

    I’m making this right now and i too had trouble with decreasing stictches, but I figured out my mistake: the last stitch of Row 4 is yarn over and I would forget to yarn over at the very end of the round. I’d psso and then move straight on to knitting a round (Row 1).If you forget the very last yarn over of the round you will lose 1 stitch! Once I figured that out, while checking gauge thank goodness, all was good. Thanks for the pattern


  10. Jan Jaqua says:

    Any tips on keeping the stitches from twisting? I’ve started twice, thought I had them very straight, and about the third row, I was twisted!!!! Help


  11. Erin says:

    Just recently found this post and have made a scarf. My edges are terribly rolled so that it tough to get the lovely pattern and texture to show. Should I try pressing it, or is it my tension or technique? I’m hopeful that someone out there is still following this post and can offer some advice…


  12. Paula says:

    Hi, I know this was posted a long time ago, but I just found it while looking for an infinity scarf pattern (great pattern, by the way!) and I absolutely fell in love with the color of the yarn. Do you remember which color this is by any chance? I’m having a hard time figuring it out by looking at colors online. Thanks so much!


  13. Angelo says:

    Hey I really loved the pattern but when I made one myself it came out two times the size and I’m almost positive I followed everything correctly. Was there a special way that you yarned over or slipped your stitches that may have differed from what I did? I slipped purl wise and I yarned over going from underneath to over my right needle. Did I do something wrong? If you know what happened could you email me at a.fagan93@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!


  14. Rossy says:

    Excuse me,I really love this pattern!!!! But I can`t understand what is the meaning of YO, K2tog, slip 1 and k1 ???? I really don`t understand… 😦
    If someone can tell me in spanish what is the meaning i`ll be very thankful 🙂


  15. jen says:

    hello im new to knitting ( only knitted a basic 2 knit 2 purl scarf before this ) and im attempting to do this!
    was wondering if there is a size? if i make this for a guy, will 240 stitches be wide enough for his head? thanks so much!!!


  16. karen says:

    hi i don’t know what i did wrong made it with worsted wt wool far too long the scarf curled at both sides i was disappointed in but i loved the pattern it was just too lonb it wrapped around three times


  17. Stephanie says:

    Happy new year from San Francisco! What do you think about using Rowan’s Lima for this beauty? I’m skeptical… Linda suggested I run it by you. 🙂


  18. Becky says:

    I’ve tried a couple of times to start this scarf and can’t seem to get the pattern correct. Then I saw it mentioned on another website and it mentions casting on 241 stitches. Should I be casting on 240 or 241??


  19. Kathy Hillshafer says:

    Hi. I’ve just discovered your pattern and love it. I noticed you mentioned that the number of stitches never changes but when I start the 4 round pattern it says to YO and then k2tog and then another YO. So, am I knitting 42 stitches for the entire scarf (original cast on was 84)? I’m so confused.
    Thanks so much.


  20. Kathy Hillshafer says:

    Hi again. Please ignore my previous post. Figured it out. I was reading YO but thinking slip one!!!
    Thanks again for such a great pattern.


  21. Leeza Hall-Schrattner says:

    Hi, I would love to make this scarf but I can’t use the Canopy as I am allergic to wool even a little bit. What other yarn can I use?
    Thank You


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