Star Crossed Beret

Star Crossed

Pattern: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Nimbus Zitron, 2 balls
Needles: Size US11s

Oh hello.

Did you know that hats are a minority around here? Yup, if you look on my Ravelry page you'll notice that sweaters outnumber hats 2 to 1! A fact I didn't even realize until I was posting this to my notebook. 

Considering the speed at which hats can be created you would think I would have made some more.  I was reflecting on this for a moment and came to a couple of conclusions as to why I don't make more.  One reason is my curly hair.  One rule of thumb with curly hair is not to touch it!  Once you get those curls perfect you just need to let go and let them be.  So hats can cause a problem by flattening or causing frizz where frizz ain't welcome. 

I obviously don't listen to those curly rules and pretty much wear my hair in a pony tail 80% of the time.  Pony Tails and hats don't really go together.  And lastly, I can never quite get it to sit on my head so that it's delicately hanging off the back… one tuck of hair and that hat's flying off!

The Star Crossed Slouchy Beret seems to be my savior. I wore it last night out with the girls and my curls were holding up. (check!)  It's big enough that I can wear a pony tail and the hat will still fit over. (check!)

I also love Nimbus by Zitron. If you haven't knit with it yet go get some.  It's soft, lofty, squishy and warm.  I couldn't believe how quickly this hat came together. I guess I should thank my size 11 needles!

Star Crossed

I'm still in packing madness but have been doing the whole – pack a box, knit a few rows, pack a box, knit a few rows method.  It's stressful and I need to balance.  It's better than shopping for more stuff but then again if you're in for some retail therapy then boy do I have website for you! (once again thank you Dana) It's called Rue La La.  Invitation only but here's your Invite 😉

12 thoughts on “Star Crossed Beret

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  2. Jen says:

    Hi! I linked to this page in one of my recent blogposts so non-Rav members could see what the Star Crossed Slouchy Hat looked like. I hope you don’t mind, you’ve done lovely work!


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