I forgot how much you really can't blog when you're making Christmas presents!   All the recipients read this space and I am such a sucker for the surprise.  I can however happily post some made for my non-knitting friends over in Ravelry but one will simply just have to wait until it's delivery.

I am not completely guilty of being so non-posty without good reason.  I had a little surprise jaunt to a little place called Hawai'i earlier this month.

Wow.  And this place is in the United States?  So this is what they mean by For Better…a little perk for the wife.  Score! And with my SFAM, Nonnahs, leading the way – I got to see a great deal of Oahu. 

Trip Highlights:

Waikiki, view from my room

Waikiki.  For some reason I always think of Wheel of Fortune when I think of Waikiki.  I can hear Pat Sajak right now telling the contestant what they've won. It's probably the most  NYC-like part of Hawai'i if it were located on a more beautiful island. Downtown is pretty sophisticated and very busy with lots of street performers and artists.  A real mixture of the island life and midtown Manhattan.


Leonard's – Malasadas!!!  As Nonnahs so awesomely called them "little balls of fried goodness"  I had two each of the original and cinnamon. Delish!

The Arizona

Pearl Harbor. We happen to be out there during the anniversary of it's bombing.   My husband and I went out early one morning to see the Arizona.  What a solumn site.  I just kept thinking of all the brave men and women that were laid to rest under us at that moment.

Waves off the North Shore

– The North Shore – talk about HUGE waves!  Mr. H and I woke up early one morning to take the drive North.  It was  a stormy day and while driving the radio DJ kept telling us how they haven't seen waves that big in a long time and how they set up shelters for any homes that get washed away because of them.  Mr. H turned to me and said, "Um, should we even be going up there?" I told him to drive on!  We didn't get far, just a little past Haleiwa.  The traffic was at a stand still.  Everyone apparently had the same idea we did and wanted to see the 50ft waves.  I did though get to see Nonnah's favorite shaved ice place – Aoki's!  It was about 8am when we got there so it wasn't open yet.  All that means it that I have to go back!

Ko'Olina Lagoons.  Sadly no pics yet!  Probably one of the nicest spots in Oahu.  Beautiful hotels and man made beaches.  Mr. H and I went on a snorkling trip to hopefully see some dolphins.  We were the 5% who didn't.  We did however get to see a ton of troplical fish.  I promise to scan in some pics from the underwater camera we bought.  I've never seen nor swam with so many fish in my life!

Of course during the course of seeing and doing all those things I drank my fair share of Mai Tais.  What a lovely fruity drink 😉  And if you haven't noticed – no knitting took place in Hawai'i.  Well, that's not entirely true – some knitting – and only while Mr. H and I were cooped up in a dark bar watching the Giants play at 11am did I work on a project.  I did have very grandiose intentions and had brought 3 different projects with me.  I worked on the majority of one and a little of the other all on the plane rides.  One sad project took the trip and quality Macadamia Nut and Kona Coffee luggage space for nothing.  At least I could say that project went to Hawai'i.

Mahalo, Nonnahs, for a wonderful tour of your beautiful home state!

Back on the mainland, in the Christmas Meter of DIY Presents, I'm in the Santa's Elves got nothin' on me mode.  I feel strangely at ease for finishing my projects.  I find myself thinking "oh I still have tomorrow – it'll get done."  I fear that mentatlity is going to land me in the Holy Reindeer Poop range if I don't get crackin'. I'm also dabbling into other crafts this Christmas. I've made a wine cork wreath which just shows how I'm one step away from entering AA.  Actually those corks were collected over a few years and almost got put to the curb this last move by my husband who was convinced I wasn't going to do anything with them.  

I drink a lot of wine

We're snuggled safely inside our apartment with the first full snow storm which delivered a fair share of snow last night. I guess you all know what I'll be doing today.


 From the Waikiki beach to a winter wonderland it's been one heck of a December!

Mele Kalikimaka!

7 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. Melynda says:

    What a fun trip! My husband and I went to a few different Hawaiian islands on our honeymoon. We started in Oahu, and did many of the things your did…including stopping by Leonard’s…too funny!


  2. Heather says:

    Mahalo! Love this post–my brother just came back from Hawaii and said that all his sightseeing was informed by the Brady Bunch, Magnum, PI and Obama!!
    Love your wreath–and prithy tell what that fab yarn is in the Ishbel!


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