2009: A Knitting Odssey

Knits of 2009

2009 was quite the knitty year!!  I cannot believe that I made *only* 25 things… it feels like it should be more and yet I feel like I knitted SO much.

This year brought a new name, a new extended family, and a whole new perspective :-).  It was filled with so many highs that thankfully outnumbered the lows.  We will always remember the people we lost this year with love.

There are so many highlights to this year both personally and knitwise!  Um, I got married!  and Woah welcome blogworld to my little blog with 5th Avenue!

I am very much looking forward to what 2010 will bring….  say it with me: 10 – 10 – 10!!!

12 thoughts on “2009: A Knitting Odssey

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