It was only a matter of time before I reached back into the history of my craft life and crocheted.

Koigu and my mini granny square

It probably didn't help that I've been looking at such gorgeous crochet granny square blankets popping up all around me. Couple that with the fact that my LYS has an abundance of koigu and you got one granny square blanket obsessed knitter.  I mean, come on! How could I not pick up my crochet hook! 

In a full blown confessional, I actually knew how to crochet long before I knew how to knit! I'll never forget wanting to learn how and choosing a rediculous project like a queen sized blanket in thread weight yarn.  My mother patiently showed me how to single and double crochet and even gave me a template on how to make a granny square.  About 10 granny squares later I had asked my mom if I was almost done to which she replied, "Honey, you have to make at least 100 more".  What! My 9 year old self felt defeated and bored and opted to play a game of catch outside instead.

My adult self, well, I compromise –   instead of 50, why not one reallyreally big one?

Granny Square

Thankfully, Patricia kindly gave me a refresher yesterday and I haven't put the hook down!  It's so easy and mesmerizing.  Plus, I'm kinda impatient to see how all these colors are going to come out in the blanket.  You can't pick a wrong combination with yarn like Koigu.  Somehow they are all married to each other.  I went for more of a red heavy rainbow blanket.  


Honestly, I don't see myself fully delving into the world of crochet but this blanket will definitely become a major part of my fiber life this year.  See, I told ya 2010 was going to be BIG!

16 thoughts on “Hook’d

  1. April says:

    I’ve also been sorely tempted to learn how to crochet and make a giant granny square blanket. It might actually have happened to if my mom hadn’t given me one she made back in the 70’s. That blanket is just made of win.


  2. mai says:

    you must join our granny square CAL ravelry group! i love yours so far! the colors are beautiful. i’m asking everyone this, but how are you weaving in the ends of your yarn from the previous row? any tips?


  3. Kty says:

    I had noticed this giant granny blanket on the Purl Bee and thought that maybe… oneday…
    Congrats’ yours looks beautiful. I wish we could find Koigu yarns in France…


  4. Erin says:

    Okay, this is kind of spooky but I do was thinking about delving into crochet just to make a granny square blanket! Yours is going to be so, so lovely. I need to get on it.


  5. Beverly says:

    That WILL be pretty! And so cozy too. I haven’t crocheted other than to add an edging in years! I may have to pick it up again. There are so many inspiring projects out there.


  6. Christen says:

    Yes. You can see in this pic the skewing starts with that second round of yellow. So the problem is in the first round of blocks. I think there are too few single chains at the corners that’s causing it.


  7. Bobbie in Alaska says:

    This post is a little belated – but just found your blog recently and I love, love these Koigu colorways. I have contemplated learning how to crochet. I remember my great grandmother trying to teach me when I was about 6. I never could get the hang of it then. I only knit, but realize there are so many things I could do with crochet as well. Anyway, if possible could you please tell me the colorways used? I look foward to hearing from you .


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