oh hi.

 **cough** **cough**, 'scuse me, there was just a little bit of dust on my monitor.

I truly didn't mean to leave you all hanging there with my crochet blanket debochle!  Things are progressing and with a little pulling and prodding it's going to be just fine.  I think I had a little bit of the OCD juice there for a moment and wanting it to be perfection on the first time around!  

So what have I been up to you ask?? We'll let's see if I can bring you all up to speed which shouldn't be too too hard as there are only two reasons…

– Trabajo. I was Crazay busy there towards the end of Jan but thankfully all the hard work, late nights and big smiles paid off!  We registered the biggest classes in the last three years! Woot!  We all know what happens after a huge energy filled party – the crash.  I needed to take a little mental health break from a lot of things.  I was so exhausted that I hardly looked at blogs let along looked at my knitting. (feeling MUCH better now, thank you!)

– A little big of land, please? My darling husband and I (dare I say it) are in Attorney Review for a new condo!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  The whole process just got up and slapped me in my face.  I was expecting it to be far far longer but we're in the process and well, Fingers Crossed, I could be a homeowner by mid March!!  I totally cannot wait to show you all the new place and what I want to do it!  There's nothing I love better than some really good before and after reveals!

My web browsing has changed from Ravelry, Knitty and Twist Collective to This Old House, Young House Love (OMG! once again my blogless friend Dana comes up with a SCORE), and Home Depot.   I mean I learned how to knit on my own, why can't I tile backsplashes??

Knitting has suffered because of all this so I'm slowly trying to rekindle my mojo. I also have some secret projects on the needles which can't be revealed until done which makes for some boring blog fodder!   Also, is it me or is there nothing out there TRULY inspring to knit??  I have not felt the fire and fervor of wanting to cast on a stitch in a long time. If you have something you just can't.put.down. enlighten me!!

I will leave you with some pictures of food.  I actually had the great opportunity to shoot some dishes for a friend of mine New York based chef, Lamour Workman, she's starting up a business and needed a little photography help. If you like what you see you're going to LOVE Lamour's food!  Her site is under construction but I will send along when I get it.  Until then, enjoy the roast 😉

IMG_6934    IMG_6976     IMG_6960

8 thoughts on “oh hi.

  1. Amy says:

    The food looks great and delicious. Good luck with homeownership! It’s a change, that’s for sure. 🙂
    And regarding new knits… would you be at all interested in being a test-knitter? I have several ideas that I’d love to talk to you about–I’ve long admired your knitting.


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