Open Post: Hosted by hippo in my apt

Hey dudes!

So one day I turned around and found this little hippo sitting on my windowsill.   She came in like a flash and made herself right at home. Every time I turned around she was in a different part of my apartment.  Usually I found her rummaging through my pantry looking for some grass to chew on or in the tub taking a dip to cool herself off.  I even caught her outside trying to chew on my flowers!  I kinda let her get away with it sometimes because I'm a sucker for that face and she's a pretty darn good hugger.

Pattern: Hippy in Itty Bitty Toys
Yarn: Koigu, 2 balls
Needles: US 5s

can you hear this?

And those ears!!  Talk about a great listener. I can yap and yap and yap and she's just right there nodding away.   Even hubby was taken in by her! She's quite the PS3 player.

I like big butts

Recently though I've been catching  her looking out the window thinking about where to next.  I think she's ready to go to a soon to be new mom who would love her instant charm.  There's no doubt that wherever she goes she's gonna bring joy to her new family.


For now, she'll be hanging on my couch getting ready to watch her favorite show, Planet Earth. (Reality TV for Hippos)

13 thoughts on “Open Post: Hosted by hippo in my apt

  1. Hookie, UK says:

    That yarn combo is the perfect match for that Hippo. It creates a magic all of its own. Great choice and fantastic result!


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