Hippo’s new friend.

I dunno about you but my Hippo is so social.  Everywhere she goes she's the center of attention.  Pool parties, barbeques, safari tours – you name it, she rocks it.  Well, she's so fabulous that she's caught the eye of a few friend who followed us home one day and I can't seem to make him leave.


I cannot deny that he is adorable in every way right down to his spots and his fabulous mane.

i love the spots!!

This guy's got personality and I can see why Hippo likes him so much. He's a pretty chill dude and has easily won the heart of a certain Mrs. TenTen.   I cannot deny that him and hippo are ruling the nest around here.  They're pretty inseparable.

Best Buds

You could say they go together like peas and carrots or wine at knit group.

Pattern: Giraffe from Itty Bitty Toys
 Yarn: Spud & Chloe Sweater, 2 balls toast, 1 ball chipmunk, 1 ball cider
 Needles: US5 circulars

PS: If you don't have the Itty Bitty Toys book – run, don't walk, to your nearest LYS and get it.  Seriously, I'm not done yet!  So many more knitted toys to come!

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