In the meantime…

Oh hello dear friends!

Sorry for being the absentee blogger here. I've been terrible both as a writer and a reader of blogs as of late.  On the brightside it just really means that life is busy over here at Chez Tenten but be assured I've been knitting all the while.  I am still loving the toy knitting and am missing my two animal friends who are residing at special homes.

While I am working on a lovely lace scarf in some gorgeous Madeline Tosh, I'm here to share with you a super fast cowl that I whipped up over the weekend. It's a total Bloomingdales knock off and so easy that it's practically a no brainer for you to make one of your own!

I call it the Luxe Cowl.

Chunky Cowl

What you need:
 Two Balls of Rowan Drift
 US 13 needles circs

Cast on 64 stitches – join in the round.
Begin working 4×4 ribbing.
Work until 2nd ball is done.
Block it.
Rock it.
Ravel It.

Blocking does make all the difference in this scarf. It allows the ribbing to lie just a little flatter than normal.

Cozy Cowl

It's entering into my favorite time of year – fall. I love the crisp smell in the air. I love the layering of my clothes.  And of course I love that it's all the more reason to get my knitting needles out.

Chunky Knit Love

41 thoughts on “In the meantime…

  1. Katie says:

    I love love your blog! I just finished my Luxe Cowl! I put it up on my blog and featured you so I hope this is ok! I am just starting up the blogging but here it is just in case you wanna peek!
    Thanks so much for posting this pattern!!


  2. Debe DeAngelo says:

    Beautiful pattern…found you through Ravelry…I have that GRadner quote on my bathroom mirror :o)
    I’ll be in Upstate NY for the holidays (Dec 15-23) Do you have a favorite LYS that you recommend?


  3. ClubPenguin says:

    I just finished my Luxe Cowl! I put it up on my blog and featured you so I hope this is ok! I am just starting up the blogging but here it is just in case you wanna peek!


  4. Kristen Holland says:

    Gorgeous cowl and a fantastic pattern. What are the finished dimensions? I want to use some stash yarn and that would be helpful info. Thanks for the great idea!


  5. Elizabeth says:

    October storm left me without electricity. Only yarn I have is maybe dnk weight – size 7 circulars about 24 inches. Maybe 96 stitches?


  6. Cindy Fish says:

    I also am wondering about the finished dimensions. I need to convert a chunky misti alpaca (3.5/inch on #10) to the 2/inch on #13 for the bulky which you are using in the pattern. Thanks


  7. Elizabeth says:

    Hi – I’m actually making this with Rowan drift fire, size 13 needles as you mentioned. How long do you suggest for the cowl? I’m only 1/2 through the 2nd skein & it’s at least 12 inches lOng already. Thank you!


  8. Soledad says:

    Congrats on a stunning cowl, Margaux! Could you tell me its finished measurements? I think the one I knit is a bit too wide and on the short side… Hope you don’t mind sharing that info.


  9. Elizabeth Maier says:

    Drift is 80 – 87 yards per skein for a total of 174 yds, but I am doing it in knitting worsted doubled which has longer skeins so I really need an approximate finished measurement from top to bottom. I have no idea where to bind off. Thank you for any help anyone can give.


  10. jennifer says:

    hello im new to knitting ( only knitted a basic 2 knit 2 purl scarf before this ) and im attempting to do this!
    was wondering if there is a size? if i make this for a guy, will 240 stitches be wide enough for his head? thanks so much!!!


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