ten. ten. ten.


It's here.

The birthday of birthdays. the big three oh.

and what a conicidence it's a perfect 10.

Good bye twenties. I won't miss all the confusion, the loss of direction, the akward beginnings of things. I will miss the sheer freedom, the fancy free nights, the feeling that you don't have to use mositureizer every moment of the day, the lack of grey hair, and the silliness. I learned how to knit in my twenties -  one of many decade milestones. (I did get married and got an apartment somewhere in there too πŸ˜‰ This blog was born in the midst of my 20s and I'm so happy to have it as a place I can share what the next decade brings.

Thirties – I am so excited for you and the years ahead. I am ready and open for everything you have to offer. Bring it.

PS – My waffle wrist warmers are an original pattern. Writing up the pattern and hope to post soon!


13 thoughts on “ten. ten. ten.

  1. Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday, hope you have/had a wonderfull day! I’m turning 30 next year and I’m not unhappy about, unlike some of my friends. It’s just a number. What I hate though are the comments “you are almost 30, when are you finally going to start having kids?”.
    Hope you got to knit on your birthday. Oh, and I love your knits!


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