Meritursas from Above

I'm not sure what I love better – this gorgeous hat or the way Courtney Kelley says "Meritursas."

Pattern: Meritursas
Yarn: Fibre Co. Canopy Worsted, 2 balls
Needles: US 5 & 7 

I had the pleasure of taking a Fair Isle workshop with Courtney and Kate from Kelboune Woolens at Patricia's Yarns last Saturday. While I do know how to fair isle, I knew I could learn a thing or two from these amazing knitwear designers.

I was not dissapointed! Kate was fabulous at explaining her technique and why she did the things she did in this fabulous hat. As a process knitter she really examines why the stitches are the way they are. She shared her thoughts on Fair Isle and why holding one yarn over the other was important. I had read many blog posts on the idea of dominant yarn placement but found that her careful explanation finally give me the "aha! moment".


Being the end result knitter that I am, I thought back to when I was making the flora hat and realized I didn't really pay attention to how I was knitting. I only wanted the end result. Now that I know, I will be revisiting that popular hat, rewriting it a bit to a beret and re-publishing the pattern.

I also had the chance to hang out with both Courtney and Kate before our workshop began. I had been a huge fan of Kate's blog and her herringbone sweater and enjoyed talking to her about knitting, her dogs and her current lack of wooden panels in her bedroom.  Courtney was also just as sweet and I enjoyed watching her hold Patricia's baby Grace and showing us the FABULOUS costume of Max from Where the Wild Things she made for her adorable son for Halloween. 

Both Courtney and Kate are truly inspiring knitwear designers and people. I will never hesitate to support their company knowing that it's backed by these two wonderful people! If this picture doesn't sum up how awesome they are, I don't know what will.

Kate and court w sheep

4 thoughts on “Meritursas

  1. sillylittlelady says:

    I made a Max suit for a friend for Halloween! Its on my blog and my Ravelry, but back to the main point of this comment: That hat is gorgeous! It looks so cozy and squishy and soft and I may need to make one for my-very-self šŸ™‚


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