Orla – reinvented.

The trilogy of the fair isle hats ends with a beginning. After the workshop I began to think about the other fair isle knits I've done.  My Flora hat has been a pretty popular knit on Ravelry.  It was one of the first patterns I published here. I remember sitting at my desk and drawing all those vines and leaves and being so excited at how they emerged in my knitting.  The pattern I've noticed has a mistake (it says to work chart 3x but it's really 4) but for a first time try it wasn't too shabby!   It's been made into 248 hats, a few cowls and even a little girl's dress! 


But before Flora there was another fair isle hat that has sat long lost in my WIP pile. That is my dear Orla.  I am majorly obsessed with the designer Orla Kiely.  When she had products being sold in Target I nearly bought out the closest 3 near my home. I especially love her signature repeating leaf pattern and thought about how that would translate to a hat. I remember knitting like a demon on it but running out of yarn just as I was decreasing for the crown. The original hat had a fold in hem and was knit out of two solid colors. While I knew I could have just bought another ball and finish the hat, I decided to rip that sucker out and start over with new yarn.


Pattern: Orla (my own!)
Yarn: Spud&Chloe Sweater, 1ball and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Multi, color Fresh
Needles: US 5 & 7s 

I am so proud of this pattern and hope you will enjoy making it!  It's easily memorized and will lend itself to any solid or variegated worsted weight.


I am making some final touches to the PDF and will be publishing it both here and as a Ravelry download very soon!

Roll credits! 😉

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