Oh Camilla!

Have you ever had a knit that you just couldn't shake?  You buy the pattern and realize you have the perfect yarn in your stash.  You nearly fumble your needles rushing to cast on.


You find yourself at work wanting to sneak in a row or two here or there.  You go home and neglect to cook yourself a decent dinner.  Opting instead for two heaping bowls of cereal because the time it would take you to make dinner would minimize your knitting time. Lastly, that "perfect yarn in your stash" is actually yarn that was already knitted in to part of a sweater.  You decide to not get the kniks out of the yarn before using - it would just take Too Much Time.


Dear Camilla, just what have you done to me? 

In a fit to use the yarn I have (besides the obvious of not blocking it out first)  I went down a needle size and therefore am getting a tighter gauge than what the pattern calls for. I started very Zimmerman-like on a sleeve to see if I liked the way the yarn and new gauge worked. Can you tell I am fully pleased?  I am a woman on a Camilla mission. 

Now the real question is, will I allow myself time to make some pumpkin cookies? Happy Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “Oh Camilla!

  1. Jen says:

    Love the color! So will that kinky-looking section where you had used the yarn already block out to normal? I’ve got yarn sitting around from a couple of frogged projects, and I haven’t used it because of all the kinks. Hmm…


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