it’s holiday knit time!


I am a knitting elf right now. There are so many projects on my needles but I have nothing to show for because the dear recipients come by and check in every once in a while. (hello! I know you're watching me!)  

So in lew of that I give you my small army of Korknisse!

I fell in love with these little guys when I first saw them on Elli's blog.  I forgot about them this year until she happened to mention them recently. I have been making about 4 a day! It is a perfect way to use up all the scrap yarn I have around the house. (oh and ahem, the wine corks too… got a lot of those apparently…)

Anyway, that's all for now but I promise to do a FO marathon once all the recipients have received their gifts!  Until then I hope you all are not as overwhelmed with the holiday gifting and are reaching all your knitty deadlines!!  25th isn't far away!!

xoxo – and Ho Ho ho!

11 thoughts on “it’s holiday knit time!

  1. Jill says:

    The hell with making a trivet . . . I’m making my own army out of all those corks. At least I’ll have something to show from the wine other than a hang-over.


  2. diane says:

    I’ve knitted several already and love them as does the 1st recipient! I have had to reduce not only the number of stitches, but needle size, but, hey, less stitches means quicker completion!


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