Jasper Diamond Hoodie

Upon the urging of my darling husband, I jumped the gun and sent my niece her Christmas present. I didn't really put up a fight because once that last button was sewed I admit I wanted to see her in it just as much as he did. (probably even more)

Vintage Baby Knits Hoodie

Pattern: Jasper Diamond Hoodie from Vintage Baby Knits
Yarn: Amy Butler DK from Rowan, 5 skeins
Needles: US 4 (3.5mm) 

She received it faster than expected (thank you USPS!) and now I am happily posting the sweater here because if it looks as good on all babies as it does on my niece than this needs to be made by all ASAP. It's one of many awesome patterns in this fabulous book.

I got the Vintage Baby Knits book at last year's TNNA. From the moment Kristen herself handed it over, I couldn't put it down. I remember walking along booth to booth with my nose stuck in it flipping page to page loving each piece more than the next. I think I even had a bit of an outburst in the Blue Sky booth. (What can I say? When I get excited about something I tend to scream a bit… and maybe jump… Ok, dance a little too – fine, I have a full on happy tantrum!)

Jasper Hoodie

But seriously, how can you not want to do the dance of joy when you see how cute this little sweater is!? The pattern is very easy to follow. I just found one minor mistake on the buttonhole round.  The placement of the marker should be right after the bound off stitches (do not K1).  I also opted to not do the crocheted edging around the seed stitch hood. I think it looks good o'naturale.

Jasper Hoodie

The little flower buttons are from Patricia's Yarns.  There weren't enough in one color so I opted for every other and find that to be even more charming!

I'm truly in the full Christmas mood. I've got "Linus and Lucy" station on Pandora playing non stop at work and at home. There's something so warm and inviting to me about jazz.  It also happens to be a perfect soundtrack to holiday knitting too! 

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