Like a Bandit

I can't say enough about how much I adore all things Kelbourne.  The yarns, the patterns and most importantly the people.  It's fun for me to make something that is born out of awesome.

Springtime Bandit

I made this shawl during my jaunt up to the ADK over NYE.  My husband and I rented a cabin for the third year in a row with a few of our closest friends.  It was 3 days filled with good food, good drink and a ton of knitting.  With all that, a crackling fire, and a view of a serene frozen lake, what more can you ask for?

Springtime Bandit

Pattern: Springtime Bandit
Yarn: Canopy Fingering, 3 balls
Needles: US 7 

How about a gorgeous knitted shawl? I did 8 repeats of the main body pattern with the hope that two balls of the Canopy Fingering would be enough. Yea, no. I ran out of the 2nd ball just a mere 3 rows to go.  Thankfully I had a 3rd ball to use but if you only have two, 7 repeats is the way to go if using the Canopy Fingering.

Thanks to Trish for inspiring me to make this shawl. It looks like 2011 is gonna be a great knit year.

11 thoughts on “Like a Bandit

  1. Denise says:

    This could be one of my all time favorite patterns. I’ve made two of them, and I have been thinking about doing a third and seeing this sealed the deal. Hope all is well with you Margaux!


  2. Melynda says:

    Totally gorgeous. I have not yet worked with any Fibre Company yarn, but have been wanting to (hopefully soon, a shop near me just started carrying some). I agree- everything they have (yarn, patterns, etc) is beautiful!


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