Knit it.

It all started with a voicemail.  

Well, I guess it really started way before that back to when I first moved to Hoboken in 2005. I lived in a cute 2BR duplex that was a mere stones throw from the recently opened yarn shop, Patricia's Yarns.  I was very new to knitting then and a bit excited (I think I skipped there the first time?) at the idea of living so close to a LYS!

Over time I got to know the shop owner, Patricia, who has since become one of my closest friends. During those early days, Patricia and I would spend time in the shop talking about anything and everything and of course, knitting. Many yarn purchases, a shop relocation, a dog, a baby, some knit nights and moments that will always remain untold on this here blog later, our twosome turned into 3, then four and then a full on knit gang. Our gang of fiber fanatics come from all walks of life. There are men, women, older and younger, designers, engineers, scientists, strong drink makers, teachers, executives, nurses and a PHD MD student who we endearingly call "Dr. Dr.".  

The only thing we love just as much as knitting is wine.

One member of our band of knitters, Michelle, happened to be someone who went to the same HS as I did. I reconnected with her at a beginners knitting class I was teaching at the shop. We immediately hit it off. Add a bottle or two little bit of wine into the reunion you would have thought we were long lost sisters. So when we were exchanging numbers at a loud bar Michelle thought it best to call me on the spot and leave me a message because that is always a Good Idea drunk.

It went something like this (forgive my vague interpretation, Michelle). "MAAAAARRGAUX!!! It's Michelle!!! I cannot belieeeeve it! (something a bit incoherent in here) Save it! Dial it! Drink it! F it! Knit it! Purl it!!  And save this message 'cause I'm gonna wanna hear it!!"  Of course by the next day, our memory of the night was a bit fuzzy but the discovery of the drunken message left many of us with sore laughing muscles on top of our hangovers. I will never delete it so long as I can help it.  

Since then the saying has gone through many iterations but always had Knit it. Purl it. Drink it. as it's core. It has in a way become our knit group motto. When I found out I was moving, I knew I needed to think of a good way to immortalize our saying for the shop. Enter a A Vintage Poster.  My blogless friend Dana  came across this fabulous site and thoughtfully shared it with me. I immediately contacted the designer and she whipped up a few versions of our "catch phrase" and I fell in love with the one below.  Sara at A Vintage Poster was SO awesome to work with and happily told me that if you want a Knit It! poster for your gang of fiber fanatics you can order one by emailing her at avintageposter at gmail dot com.

Patricia immediately found a prominant place in the shop for it's display.


I find it poignant that this will hang in the shop even though I may not be there everyday. I hope it will serve as a reminder to how much fun we had during all those afternoons and crazy knit nights.

To you, my Knitters, thank you for making every moment SO wonderful.  There are so many things I want to say but really I think you all just know how you have touched my life. Thank you for your encouragement, guidence and support. I am going to miss you all very much.

knit it.
purl it.
never forget it. 


*photo of shop courtsey of Chris

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