Super Moon? More like Super Meetup!


While the rest of the world was holding their breath (and cameras) waiting for the Super Moon to rise, I was already reveling in how AWESOME it was to finally meet my old blog friend Nonnahs!

The moment I knew I was heading to San Diego for the weekend I emailed her in the hopes of finally meeting. She came back with a swift yes and our date was set!  As the day got closer I still couldn't believe I was going to finally meet the girl who I call my "SFAM" – sister from another mother!

I can't deny that the morning of our meeting I had that feeling in my stomach. You know, that flutter, it’s what you feel when you’re about to meet someone you admire. In there somewhere there’s also a tinge of worry – will we like each other like we do via our blogs??  What if this idea I have of her and her of me doesn’t pan out? What if it is a major Fail? 

I will never forget pacing the hotel lobby waiting for her to arrive only to watch her walk through the door and forgetting all the “play it cool” talk I had tried to coach myself with.

Screw it! I knew that she, just like me, was beyond excited about this moment!

The whole afternoon was full of WIN and then some. I even joked at lunch that a unicorn was likely to gallop by since this was such an amazing fantasy! We laughed and talked as if we were old friends. We ordered the same dish at the italian restaurant, shared in a glass of wine and topped it off with a flight of 3 different cobblers… YUM!

What's maybe ironic in all of this – we didn't knit a stitch! 

Trying to make her stay

I tried my best to make her stay (note huge gripping hug above) but knew like all fun things we had to say our goodbyes.  One thing is certain, this is the beginning of many epic meetups!

When most scientists look back on Saturday and write their articles on the path of the moon and how it’s orbital trajectory is why it came so close to Earth, you and I will all know the Real reason the moon came so close today – it wanted to witness the epic awesomeness of a Nonnahs and Tentenknits afternoon.  We don’t blame you, moon, not one bit.

2 thoughts on “Super Moon? More like Super Meetup!

  1. Nonnahs says:

    Gah, that was the funnest day ever! I love these huggy pics!! I just laughed remembering how we ordered the exact same thing for lunch. As if we wouldn’t! Ha! Yay, SFAM Day! Love you!!


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