Free-for-all Tuesday

Fireside Knitting

A few random links for today.

– While I may not want to make pantone mini magnets, I am now itching to buy Paper Glaze.

– A group of alumna from my high school just started a non-profit, their first mission – giving aid to Japan.

– Speaking of aiding Japan, check out this new blanket pattern from Mason Dixon.

– I cannot stop thinking about making this sweater

Using newspapers to map out a wall collage of frames or simply using newspaper to "map out" where to put frames in general – GENIUS.

– In thinking of things I want to hang in my new apartment how about a few of these please.

I am thinking of heading to the CA DMV to get my new licence with the sweater above (how I wish I was by that fire on the beach right now).  It's the one from the 2nd Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. It's neither Last Minute or a Gift and yes I'm knitting with US 2s.

Perfect DMV knitting if you ask me.

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