A knitted gift.

While I may be knitting the longest and biggest non-gift from LMKG 2, it's already lived up to its namesake.

knitted basket from LMKG 2

My dear friend Jackie and I were destined to be friends.  Her husband, Terry, and I were admissions collegues and concidentally went to the same conference in Boston a few years back.  While there Terry had generously offered me a ride home with his family which I ended up declining having already purchased a ticket on the Acela. We said our good byes and headed off to the train ready for my long ride home armed with a half finished Clapotis.

A few days later I meet this amazing woman at Patricia's Yarns.  She is full of energy, funny, opinionated and flat out amazing.  I ask for her name.  She tells me. I think, "Huh, that's funny I know a guy with that last name" and I begin to tell her about my collegue, Terry. Sure enough she looks me dead in the eye and says, "Babe, that's my husband!"

We both flip out realizing that we could have had this seredipidous meeting in her mini van those few days before.  We probably would have been kicked out of her car by her husband and sons from our ranting and raving. In the end it seems all the more fitting that we met in a yarn shop!

Jackie has been a wonderful friend and knitter. She has gone through so much and still remains amazingly generous.  

What's funny about Jackie's gift is that I had saved these baskets on pinterest not really knowing where they came from. Little did I know it was in the 2nd Last Minute Knitted Gifts book!  She also adorned the basket with stitch markers that she got from our trip to Rheinbeck!   

Of course, right after she gifted the baskets I did what any neruotic knitter would do. I bought a copy of the book and enough Koigu to make Leah's Cardigan. 

Cranberry Cardigan

Since taking the picture above I am about four inches away from the armholes. I got gauge using Addi US2s (3mm) needles and decided to use them for the whole sweater instead of switching to smaller needles for the ribbing.  All the simple stockinette for the body has been great therapy for my first days in my new city.

I miss Jackie and my Hoboken knitters so much and I think of them often. The basket and stitch markers will no doubtedly always keep her and them close in my thoughts.

3 thoughts on “A knitted gift.

  1. Julie says:

    It totally sounds like you two were meant to be friends!! that’s awesome. I love those knitted baskets, too- I’ve been thinking of making some soon, and they seem like great gifts. The cardi looks great, too!


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