From the long lost WIP files

Reason #129,209,209 why I love Ravelry: It keeps all the projects I save in a neat place. Plus, the way my page is organized it has my WIPs right on top. Every once in a while I'll browse those little photos and imagine them saying to me, "Hey! What'd ya forget me? You casted me on like two years ago! You're working on THAT now? I'm so much cooler than THAT. Whatever."

Ok, so it's turned into a bit of a guilty reminder but also serves as a nice place to turn to if your current knitting project gets boring. It shows you have options.

Zickzack Tunic

This one option is by far my favorite. I have had it seperated from the normal WIP pile for a while in hopes that will make it all the more enticing for me to knit.

Pattern: Zickzack Tunic by Melissa Wherle
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton
First Began May 21, 2009

Why stopped?  Who knows.  I probably fell in love with another project and dropped it like a bad prom date. It's not that I don't LOVE the pattern and LOVE the yarn – it's just so many other things have been vying for my attention.

Do you have any half finished projects out there you love but simply got lost in the WIP pile?

7 thoughts on “From the long lost WIP files

  1. elns says:

    Wow, that looks really nice. It doesn’t even look like you arm wrestled with it. Usually WIPs go to hibernation b/c a)I messed it up so badly multiple times and just cannot figure it out and I need to take a break and decide if I REALLY want a dysfunctional relationship like that or b) I am a lazy beast or c)I am an easily distracted lazy beast and decided something else “sparkled” brighter.
    I have a pima cotton stole “bagged” while I make my feable attempts at garment knitting. I don’t feel bad since the yarn was a super impulse buy during an Imagiknit sale … though that yarn wasn’t on sale, ha!
    BTW, Love your posts.


  2. Maryse says:

    Not that it is lost in a huge pile of WIPs, but I hope I can finish my Thermal some day soon! I’m re-doing the sleeves… The zickzack tunic is beautiful and purple is very “in” these days!


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