Happy Friday! Random Links Edition

H Bag from Heath Ceramics

I bought this bag while at the Ferry Buildilng from Heath Cermaics. I have a love for all things H.

I may be making these later today.  Bacon Cinamon Rolls. You heard me… BACON CINAMON ROLLS!

Speaking of making – I like the fishes that are SO delicious (and homemade!)

My plan on being a wine sommelier just got a huge push!

I am very much into stripes right now.

Both the new Twist Colletive and Knitscene magazines are out! I want to knit everything.

First, I must finish Leah's cardigan! 

One thought on “Happy Friday! Random Links Edition

  1. Julie says:

    Awesome roundup! I’m greatly intrigued by that flavour thesaurus. And bacon cinnamon rolls sound incredible!! I totally agree with the new Twist Collective and Knitscene… so many gorgeous new patterns…


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