Quince & Co.

I'm glad you all enjoyed the DOWN to the yard knitting yesterday. After weaving in all the ends, I had more than enough to finish but I'm glad I did not have to spit join a bunch of ends on the cast off row. (and you KNOW I've been There before)

The sweater is blocking and I cannot wait to get a lil' photoshoot going.

I spent the better part of this past month knitting that sweater and now that it's finished it's like a whole knitty world has opened up to me! It's perfect timing, too, with the new Knitscene, Twist Collective and now the new Knitty out!  Plus, knitting a whole cardigan on US2s will make knitting my next sweater on US8s like I'm knitting with US 15s.

As you may or may not know, I am a wee bit obsessed with the Belfast Hoodie and subsequently Carrie Bostic Hoge. (remember Camilla?)  So much so that I didn't think twice about what yarn to choose and went straight for the Quince & Co. Lark.

There are so many colors to chose from (hello, 37!). It's almost too much. I had such trouble deciding. I kept going back and forth between the Q&Co. page and Ravelry comparing everyone's photos of their yarn.  There were so many color interpretations. I went ahead and ordered one skein of the Chanterelle but when it arrived I was a bit "eeh" about the color. Since I would not be detered, I went right back and ordered a few of my favorites to chose from. 

Quince & Co. Lark

What's ironic is that seeing all those colors together made me choose the Chanterelle all over again! It's good to know my gut is not steering me wrong. It's a perfect neutral and will go with so many different things in my wardrobe.

Chanterelle Wins!

Just from the touch of it, Lark is squishy and soft. I am very much looking forward to knitting it up and seeing how it lies. It's swatch time as I wait for the rest of the yarn to come in.

PS. Have I told you lately how much I love my fellow knit bloggers.  They inspire me So much.  Example A: Knitted Bliss – You rock with your capelet video! and B: Flint Knit's Amazing Goodale. I am now obessed with you too. Thankyouverymuch.

6 thoughts on “Quince & Co.

  1. Siga says:

    Oh yeah, that Goodale colour rocks!
    “I’m glad I did not have to spit join a bunch of ends on the cast off row” – I’ve been there too. 🙂 This made me smile.


  2. Michele says:

    I LOVE Quince & Co. yarn! I used Chickadee for a hat pattern and cannot wait to use their yarn again for so many different projects. I like the chanterelle colorway – it is a nice neutral that will go with so many things.


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