Friday Links: Knitting Techniques Edition

Baltic Beret

I know I've mentioned time and again things I think all knitters should know.  So instead of having you go google crazy I did ya'll a favor and listed my favorites right here.  Actually, I did myself this favor because now when I want to remember how to do something I don't have to go google crazy. Yea!

How to Magic Loop

Cabling Without a Cable Needle

Tubular Cast On

Weaving in Ends (I love Techniques with Teresa!)

Fair Isle – Yarn Dominance

Judy's Magic Cast On (Is there anyone as fun as Cat Bordhi?)

Crochet Provisional Cast On

Kitchner Stitch (It's good to keep this link bookmarked!)

In case you're in need of a chuckle (via my friend Jess)

Speaking of Fair Isle, I've started a new hat from the Vintage Modern Knits book, the Baltic Beret. Another win from the Kelbourne Woolen ladies!

8 thoughts on “Friday Links: Knitting Techniques Edition

  1. Sara says:

    Oooh, thanks for this! It’s amazing how hard these things are to find in Google when you need them, isn’t it? The Yarn Dominance one is especially helpful. Thanks!


  2. sandra says:

    I will read these later but I can already say that the one about kitchener stitch and making sure it´s bookmarked is 100% true. EVERY time I´ve had to use this technique, I´ve had to go and recheck.


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