Leah’s Lovely Cardigan

Leah's Lovely Cardigan

Leah's Lovely Cardigan

Leah's Lovely Cardigan

Pattern: Leah's Lovely Cardigan from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Koigu KPM, 8 balls
Needles: Addi Turbos – US1 & US2 circulars

I don't know about you but I was a huge fan of Full House growing up. I wanted to be just like DJ and when I got older just like Rebecca who was "so hip for an adult."  The TGIF lineup was the perfect ending to a week filled with homework and basketball practice. There was nothing better than to unwind with the Tanners and see what trouble that Kimmy Gibbler was going to get DJ into! 

Before the series was over there was a Recording Studio in the basement, Uncle Jesse & Rebecca's apartment in the attic, Uncle Joey's bachelor pad, Danny's bedroom, Stephanie and Michelle's shared bedroom and of course DJ's room when she got "a bit too old to share with her two younger sisters" which really was Uncle Jesse's old room. Yea, it had a lot of rooms. Naturally, I felt the only place acceptable for shooting this fabulous sweater was in front of the "Full House" house, aka the Painted Ladies.

Leah's Lovely Cardigan

Remember the time when DJ learned to wear makeup only to look like Christina Aguilera on a bad day? Rebecca (again SO cool) swooped in and taught her that the key was to "look natural!" Juuust like I do in these pictures.  

Leah's Lovely Cardigan

As for the hand knit which is the real reason why you're probably here – I Love it. I made no modifications to the pattern. It was simple and well written. I even found buttons that were a spot on color match at Britex Fabrics

Thanks to husband for the great shots! You did well, dude! (More shots on Flickr!)

Leah's Lovely Cardigan

16 thoughts on “Leah’s Lovely Cardigan

  1. lauren says:

    the sweater looks fabulous! I’m so impressed with your perseverance at knitting a sweater at that gauge. And can I just say OH MY GOSH I was sooooo into TGIF as well. Wow, that brings me back.


  2. amber says:

    haaa!!! when i first saw these pics, i was about to comment on the tgif full house reference. love those pics!!!
    and that sweater? so adorable. however, i can not imagine that yarn, with those needles for an entire sweater.


  3. Bobbie in AK says:

    I love your cardigan. The color is fabulous. I have never knit anything with Koigu yarn, I’ll have to add that to my list.
    I have a question re: your Quince & Co colorways below. I just placed my first order with Q & C. Could you tell me the names of the colors that you have displayed?
    Thanks so much!


  4. Emily says:

    Beautiful job and great documentation. Wow, I can’t believe how much yarn you had left at the end of that. The yarn gods were on your side!


  5. Julie says:

    Such a beautiful cardigan!! I love the colour, it looks fantastic. And OMG, I haven’t thought of Full House in years!! You totally brought it all back for me, I used to watch that show like it was my religion.


  6. Aude says:

    Do you know that it has been pouring rain for the past 2 days in Hoboken???
    It is not really nice to taunt us with a beautiful knitted cardigan and a cool background and what seems a nice weather in ONE single blog post ;-)!!!!


  7. Ivy says:

    Cute sweater! It looks great.
    And I love the photoshoot! (I’m now inspired to take a finished object to Dolores Park…hmm…) I loved Full House, and watched every week…kind of wonder what happened to family shows like that.


  8. Michele says:

    The sweater looks great! It fits you so well. And I love the color you chose.
    This street was on my “must-see” list when I visited San Fran a few years ago. It is so fun to see these places in person that are so iconic from TV.


  9. Maryse says:

    I love your new cardi and I really enjoyed reading your post! Full House has been one of my favorite show when I was learning English. Jesse was definitely my favorite character but I loved the whole family just as much! I also liked to watch Boy Meets World!


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