Friday Links: Foods that makes me happy

Baltic Beret

I made this vegetable lasagna for my husband this week. He renewed his wedding vows at the dinner table. I now realize that the Pioneer Woman will never lead me wrong. Exhibit 2: Pecan Pie

I plan on making these cute Sheep Cupcakes when my Hoboken knitting friends come to visit! (via Dear Knits)

I could eat breakfast every meal of the day.

For next Sunday. And yes, Mom, I will be going to that huge cathedral right down the block.

And of course drinkies, too:

When you're trying to kick your Coca Cola habit, try these! (via T is for Teacher)

Is it wrong that I want these classic brunch drinks everyday?


My Baltic Beret hat is finished and now is in the hands of the Kelbourne Woolen ladies! If you're in the Bay Area tonight they are signing their book, Vintage Modern Knits, at a Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland! Hope to see a few of you there!

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