Keep on Rocking!

Red Rock

Red Rock is moving along alibet at a slower pace.  It felt like FOREVER getting that edging done! I am shocked that I didn't have any major mistakes and counted those repeats correctly. I thought for sure I would have had to improv some extra stitches in that piece!

I'm sure you're wondering why I don't use a counter or a chart… Well, I always fail to use them properly.  I will be 3 repeats in and my little chart says I'm only one… or I'll stop mid row and think, did i just click that? no… wait, yes, ugh… maybe?? 

So I'll do a little research and learn to read and recognize what a repeat looks like. For me, on the Rock Island shawl, it was every time a new 'point' was created. I would stop every once in a while, count em' up and continue.  Other than a few stops for a very tangled edging it worked pretty well.

I am now in the midst of creating all those little "islands" amongst YOs.  I plan on extending this part a little more than what the patterns calls for.  To me the shawl seems a little bit more balanced with more Islands! 

My friend Michelle is here visiting me (or rather I just happen to be in the same city as her biz conference – coincidence, I think not!) we plan on making a visit to Britex and Artfibers! The first I love the second I've never been. Yarn, buttons and fabric! Makings of a lovely night on the town!

7 thoughts on “Keep on Rocking!

  1. Katie S says:

    The best way I have found to learn where a repeat starts/stops is to use stitch markers. The little paper thin ones clover makes are great for that. That way if you make a mistake between the markers, you know immediately rather than after knitting an entire row. Simple but effective!


  2. Lisa Greenburg says:

    I love the islands- they are my favorite part of the design. I wanted to do the same thing – make a bigger section of those, and a smaller garter section on top. I’m even tempted to lose the garter stitch section altogether:). I can’t wait to see how it turns out for you:).


  3. Michelle says:

    You are so funny and your posts always make my day! I love how honest you are when it comes to your knitting adventures – I have the same problems with a counter and charts! I have used them and yes they can be helpful but I also tend to forget or I’ll misread the chart and get all confused. I agree with everyone else – stitch markers are the way to go when it comes to anything lace. Then again, everyone has their own method. I always rewrite the entire pattern on a piece of paper. I know this may seem like a a lot of work but this way I know what to expect.
    I’m surprised that you managed to knit such an intricate lace shawl without stitch markers, but if you’ve gotten this much done (and man it is BEAUTIFUL!) then maybe you don’t need them. Then again, it looks like there is one little stitch marker in the shawl so maybe you did use them. EITHER WAY, I can’t wait to see it done 🙂


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