Making Aidez

Beginnings of Aidez

Hello! I am back home after a few wonderful days in my home state of NJ! It was the first time back since we moved to SF. Jersey still looks good albet a bit HOT. Amongst my fun times there was a workout at the Local Barre (thanks for getting my butt there Dane!), a knit night at Patricia's Yarns, a wedding and of course quality family time. I didn't get much knitting done but can you blame me?

Before I left, I actually started a new cardigan – Aidez. I remember when it first came out thinking what a gorgeous pattern it was and I was shocked it was free. Since then so many gorgeous versions started popping up and well I couldn't deny myself any longer. Thank you to Cirilia and Berroco for being so generous with this great design.

I finished the back which lies half done in the above picture and am almost done with the fronts. In a moment of full disclosure, it took me a few tries to get things going. I had all sorts of trouble keeping track of all the different cable patterns. Yes me, the one who doesn't write things down and didn't start here either. I blame the wine.

May simply came and went and I suspect June has plans to do the same. I'm going to try to take things slow and enjoy the next color of Project Spectrum – Green. Stash Dive!!

(Oh and I'll also be at TNNA with Patricia of Patricia's Yarns in two weeks! Cannot wait to share some of what inspires me there with you! And see some of you too!!! :-))

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