Not everything is smooth.

Wurm Fail.

This is my June Project Spectrum knit – Wurm.  FAIL.

I have no idea what happened. It must have been my calculations. My gauge swatch returned a slightly bigger gauge than normal. Fine, but then I measured my head and looked up how big the hat should be.

My head is a good 22 inches around (it's the curly hair, I swear!). The largest size CO is 110 – divided by 5.5sts to the inch is 20inches. Right? So my mind says, "Two inches of negative ease… good right?".  NOT. 

Just when I think I've figured out design I am thrown for a loop. (pun not intended) How much negative ease do you give for a hat?


6 thoughts on “Not everything is smooth.

  1. Denise says:

    My attempts at Wurm were similar, more like a cowl than a hat. My rule of them is always to go with the smallest size shown in the pattern and adjust for length.
    As for the hair – its good to know you can take a girl out of Jersey, but she still has her Big Jersey Hair. :->


  2. Julie says:

    It’s funny, I feel like the knitting god sometimes just laugh at us when we think we have this whole knitting thing all figured out! I’d have thought 2 inches negative ease for a hat would be a slam dunk. But I guess the gauge is playing tricks on you!


  3. Michele says:

    When I start out knitting a hat, I always think that it is gong to be way too small – but then it fits perfectly. I don’t know how much negative ease you need for a hat but maybe it would help to look at other hat patterns that fit you for the number of cast on stitches. Good luck!


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