What I’m loving right now: Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets!

It all started with PomoGolightly's post!

I immediately flashbacked to 1993, middle school and 11 year old me furiously knotting together lengths of DMC floss. As you can imagine I was a girl obsessed. My plastic organizer case was filled with as many colors of the DMC rainbow as I could fit. Endless color combinations would dance through my head.

I remembered taping the bracelets to the underside of my desk at school. Doing a few rows in between learning about whatever it was Mr.Pulawski was mumbling about in those days. 

I would imagine my wrist adorned with hundreds of colored strands. I wanted them to be worn in and frayed to show how much a part of me they were. I always forgot that since I was a pretty active kid with summer baskeball camps and softball games that ideal was always ruined.

Friendship Bracelets!

Flash back to today and PoMo's bracelet swap! I have had so much fun choosing colors and patterns for the swap bracelets. I started out doing a simple stripe then to a chevron and then to a diamond and X pattern. I definitely do not see and end to making these. It's the perfect craft for when the weather is too hot to knit.

3-D Braid Friendship bracelet

I plan on sending out the 4 sided braid as my "swap bracelet". I figured if everyone sends thicker bracelets there would be a need for thinner ones to balance out the wrist! The braid is actually one of my favorite techniques. It uses 5 colors and you essentially weave the strands through your fingers to make the braid.

I'll be posting the tutorial here tomorrow!  It's easier to see it than to explain it!

Happy Friendship Bracelet Making Everyone!

11 thoughts on “What I’m loving right now: Friendship Bracelets

  1. Julie says:

    Aw, those are so awesome!! We didn’t do those when I was in school, we had similar ones but were made out of a plastic string. I always thought the real embroidery floss ones were so much prettier, though! Yours are awesome.


  2. Momo says:

    I am from Germany, but I saw your post and immediately got the same flashback to 1993 🙂
    We used to pin the bracelets with a safety pin on our jeans during the long (15 min) bus drive home from school.


  3. nipper jenn says:

    Love it. I miss the simplicity of making friendship bracelets. Totally just taken back to Jr High.
    Maybe that needs to be my “brainlss” activity when I just can’t do my knitting math anymore.


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