Happy Birthday Patricia’s Yarns!

Happy 7 Patricia's Yarns!

Today is the shop anniversary for Patricia's Yarns in Hoboken, NJ!  I am so sad I am not going to be there to celebrate but if you're in the NY metro area GO say hello for me! I hear she's having a great sale as a thank you to seven awesome years in business! (Did you know wool is the traditional present for a 7 year anniversary!)  

Cheers PY!!

Happy Shop Birthday, Trish! Thank you for so many wonderful memories and gorgeous skeins of yarn! (and yes I am drinking this before noon. Pacific Time)

Miss you and love you!

PS – This was the original pic I wanted to post. I am classy.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Patricia’s Yarns!

  1. Patricia says:

    I love all your photos but not as much as I love you. I miss you so much and wish you were here but we “knitted, purled & drank” as the best times are made from it – with an extra cheddar cheese in your honor. It is not the same without you. text cannot convey a hug strong enough. xoxo


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