Loop-D-Loop Lace: A Review & Giveaway!


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Simply put: Teva Durham is an artist with yarn.

In her latest book Loop-D-Loop Lace, Teva shows this mastery by taking vintage lace patterns and transforming them into modern day wear. With fall just around the corner this is the perfect book to spark your knitting mojo.

Loop-d-loop Lace Shawl

This gorgeous collection is the epotime of what you would expect from the team of Teva Durham, Melanie Falick and Liana Allday. A book that is more coffee table art than your run of the mill knit book.

The book offers 30 well written patterns from scarves and shawls to pullovers, cardigans and even a gorgeous dress. 


I had the wonderful opportunity to see Teva work behind the scenes as a sample knitter for this book. The way she would take a panel, drape it along a dress form and "see" what it could be. It was amazing to watch such pure creativity. I helped knit the gorgeous lavender lace pullover in Tahki Stacey Charles Superior.


Not gonna lie, seeing my name in the acknolowedgements was pretty special.

Name in print!

From the Lace Leaf Cravat (below) to gorgeous heirlooms like the above Shetland Shawl Dress, the collection includes patterns that will please any knitter be they a novice or an experienced pro. 

Lace Leaf Cravat
Leave me a comment about what you're excited to knit this fall and I will put you in a drawing for your own autographed copy of Loop-D-Loop Lace courtsey of Patricia's Yarns!

COMMENTS CLOSED! Will pick winner and post here soon!

83 thoughts on “Loop-D-Loop Lace: A Review & Giveaway!

  1. Mandy says:

    Yup, I’m another vote for the red sweater and love that last scarf, as well! Looking forward to perusing this book a lot more…:)


  2. Dawn says:

    What a beautiful book! I’m especially excited to knit sweaters right now, and that red one is just so beautiful!


  3. Vicki says:

    Lace is pretty new to me. I’d been thinking of a return to textured knitting this fall… but the thing about lace is that it can also be SO very textural! I don’t know what to knit!!!
    ; )


  4. Melanie says:

    Those patterns look great and would love to have the book!
    I am planning on starting Evendim from the new twits and Cerie from Jordana Paige. Today sure has that chilly fall feeling already (even though yesterday was a scorcher) so I feel like taking out the fall knitting.


  5. enidb says:

    I love fingering weight and have knit quite a few shawls and socks over the past few months. This fall I think I’m going to dig in to some bulky weight yarn I have in my stash for some cozy sweaters and accessories (I’m sure there’s more than a sweater’s worth of each bulky yarn I have). Of course I’ll be knitting something in fingering/sock weight, nice and lacy, at the same time.


  6. Julie says:

    Ooh, I’ve been eyeing this book! I love so many of the patterns in there. Id’ love to knit the Rose Trellis blouse to layer for the office, and I love that almost motorcycle jacket styled cardigan- Portcullis. Looks so nice for layering for fall.


  7. jen says:

    The purple top is SO beautiful! This autumn I need to knit a new hat and a cowl though I haven’t decided on patterns + yarn yet…


  8. Kate B says:

    That red sweater is gorgeous! I wonder if I could knit that before all the holiday parties! There are a couple of others I would knit too.


  9. Amy Lamash says:

    I love the lavender dress, but this fall it will be time to knit an Aran sweater for my hubby. He has been waiting a long time for it.


  10. Kelly K. says:

    I am super excited to knit a sweater for myself. It will be my first adult sized sweater as well. The cardi on the cover would be a great way pattern to start off with!


  11. Natalie says:

    I love the red pullover from the book, but what I am dying to make this fall is the Peterborough by Norah Gaughan.


  12. monique says:

    The dress took my breath away!! The book looks amazing.Fall is a crazy busy time for me so I’m looking for a simple seamless cardi to knit. I also picked up some beautiful cashmere that is begging for some attention.


  13. Jill says:

    The copy I flipped through was quickly drooled upon . . . I love what Teva does with yarn. I’m just excited that it’s a little easier to knit in the fall when the weather cools down a tad.


  14. Peppermint Mocha Mama says:

    Oh my goodness, that red sweater is gorgeous and wait… did you hear that? It’s calling for me to knit it up – oh please, help this red sweater pattern make it’s way to my house so I can answer it’s plea! I’ll even make that gorgeous shawl to keep it company… I promise.


  15. D says:

    Looked this book up on Ravelry and there are lots of nice patterns!
    I am just excited to knit way too many things to list just one. All sorts of things. At the moment, my knitting seems to be going way too slow.
    Knitting up two cardigans now.


  16. lorraine says:

    bah! i want this book desperately! i just cant afford the pricetag right now..and its autographed too!! i really want to knit a poncho/cape of sorts this fall but my wips are mounting and i need to finish them first (im a good knitter!) thanks for the giveaway!!


  17. JessicaTea says:

    I love the light blue dress you have pictured! I’ve been seeing a lot of sheep and alpaca driving around Utah. I finally found a place that sold some of the local yarn and fiber. I have 3 skeins of undyed dark grey yarn that yearns to be knit.


  18. lauren says:

    I actually would love to knit that DRESS! I never thought I’d see a dress I’d want to knit, but that is the one! And then there are another million things in addition that I’m excited to knit…


  19. Jenn says:

    I just purchased the first book, simply because i felt the patterns (and the book itself) are more that just knitting patterns, or the run of the mill book…I felt like I was purchasing a work of art, that in turn would allow me to CREATE my own works of art! I am excited to see the new book! As for my knitting this fall, I am eager to knit my first sweater ( i have been knitting for over 10 years and never knit a sweater…shame on me)!


  20. MelodyJ says:

    I’m really excited about knitting a hat. I bought some wine colored yarn perfect for the color weather. I’m also going to crochet a hat as well.


  21. Snarkapuss says:

    I’m being a selfish knitter and looking forward to making MYSELF a cardigan … despite all the baby/gift knitting I should be doing instead!


  22. Jennifer G says:

    I was one night away from starting a Tilted Duster – but now this book has me thinking about lace! Love the shrug in the top photo!


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