Stitch N Pitch SF

I had the opportunity to go with my knit group to the Giants Stitch N Pitch game in SF on AUGUST 1st.

Please note the puffy vest, knitted sweater (Aidez's first public appearence) and my friend Erin with her lovely knitted hat. It's downright COLD at AT&T Park at night. The first game my husband and I went to was in May, I wore a fleece and my kakhi capris. We had to leave by the end of the 4th inning because I couldn't feel my feet.

Fast forward to this game, I was completely prepared for the cold night ahead with my sweater, scarf and even a hat tucked away if necessary. I guess it's not a surprise that so many knitters came out for the game. With the temps as they are SF it is truly a knitters paradise.

I had always wanted to go to a game in NYC but it always fell on a bad day or was terrible weather (read: hot and rainy!). 

Here's Linda, Jinxie, and Zack with their fabulous knits.


And yes that is knitter extrodinare Linda naturally giving Jacquie and I the bunny ears. She truly is the Queen of Lace.

I'm lucky to have met such a great group of knitters out here. They're all as obsessed (some more) with knitting as I am – reminds me of my Jersey peeps!

Can't wait until next year's game!

9 thoughts on “Stitch N Pitch SF

  1. LindaLovesLace says:

    It was truly a fun and enjoyable evening! Except for that one teeny, tiny incident where “someone” had to mention how many World Series trophies a team on the East Coast has won.
    PS: I’d rather be a bunny than the Great Pumpkin 😉


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