Learn How to Knit

I realize that 99.9% of my readers are most likely knitters but for that 1% of you who pop by this ol' blog just for the sheer enjoyment of my knittyness I thought I'd at least encourage you to try to pick up some sticks!

Did you know knitting has been shown to help prevent stress, arthritis, heart attacks and dementia! Not to mention it's the perfect ice breaker for anyone who has to move to a new city, across the country, or around the world?

AND, I'd like to think if I was stuck on a deserted island I would be a hot commody with my skill. I know I could fashion a few sticks from some bushes or palm tree and some "yarn" from a leaf to knit from. Move over Professor from Guilligan's Island!

So where to begin? 

Find your Local Yarn Shop!
The easiest thing to do is to search for "yarn shops" near your town OR you can use this nifty little site Knitmap. Most yarn shops offer beginners knitting and you can meet other newbie knitters like yourself and create a whole crew of new and obessed knitters!

My personal favs: (as in I know the owners and they are all FABULOUS! Tell em' Margaux sent ya!)
Hoboken, NJ – Patricia's Yarns
Babylon, NY – The Village Knitter 
Philadelphia, PA – Loop
San Francisco, CA – Atelier Yarns 
Oakland, CA – A Verb for Keeping Warm 

Do an online course!

If you can't get to your LYS or you prefer to learn at home check out Craftsy.com! It's a new site that offers a great number of knitting courses. You can follow along at your own pace and you don't need worry that your fumbling fingers will embarrass you.

I also tell a lot of people I know who want to learn how to knit to use knittinghelp.com. I've even sent this site to my own beginner knit students to help them with their knitting homework.

Get a knitting handbook!
Even if you do a course at a LYS or online having your won knit handbook is a MUST in your knitting library. The one I learned out of (yes yours truly learned from a knitting book!): Stitch N Bitch. Debbie Stoller's personality shines through in this must have book. There are great sketches and no nonsense writing.  

For a more traditonal route, get Montroe Stanley's Knitter's Handbook. These two books are ones you will come back to again and again!

Find other knitters like yourself!
Once you get your knits and purls down you're going to want to meet other knit enthusists like yourself. Enter: Ravelry.

Ravelry - a knit and crochet community
The "Facebook" for knitters. I pretty much talk about Ravelry at least once a post. I primarily use it to research patterns I want to make or to pair a yarn I have in my stash with a pattern. The benefits are endless in being a member, plus it's FREE.

Knitty.com is also another fabulous place to find patterns and instructions. Techniques with Teresa is my favorite column! I've learned so much from her column.

My other knitters out there – how did you learn how to knit?

10 thoughts on “Learn How to Knit

  1. FG says:

    I was living with a fellow teacher while I had a temporary job, and in the nine weeks I lived with her, she taught me! I am so thankful and happy that she did, and hopefully I can teach people how at some point – knitting seems to be somewhat of a lost art these days.


  2. Gwendolyn says:

    Youtube. I know it sounds silly, but I bought a beginners knitting kit and the black and white photos were not helpful. However free knitting videos did the trick!


  3. Maryse says:

    Great post! I learned how to knit… again… with Knitting for Dummies! My mom and school had taught me the basics when I was a kid, but at 32 y.o. I wondered if I still knew how and since then, I’ve been hooked (or should I say needled!) I also love Knitty, KnittingHelp and YouTube!


  4. Marlène says:

    I also learned from the Stitch’n’Bitch book. I don’t know what it is about the drawings and Debbie’s writing, but everything made perfect sense, even on first read.
    KnittingHelp also saves me every time a pattern calls for something I’m not familiar with. What did people do before the internet???


  5. knitlit kate says:

    i love this post and will definitely share with my non-knitting friends. as for me, i learned from my gram when i was a little kid. she was active in a church project to knit bandages for the lepers (!)…which my six-year-old brain interpreted as “leopards.” so, my first project was white-rug-yarn-knit bandages for the leopards! quelle glamour!


  6. Emily says:

    Great post. I learned when I was 8 or so from my mom. She also taught me to crochet, but I didn’t really get ‘hooked’. I didn’t do much though until my 20’s when I had kids & wanted cute Zoe Mellor knits for my boys. I refer often to books, magazines, online, and of course my LYS for technique help when I need it.


  7. Jinxie says:

    Ma Jinx taught me how to knit when I was just a wee Jinx – it was the default “rainy summer day and Ma is tired of hearing me complain about how bored I am” activity. Then I didn’t go anywhere near knitting needles for about 15 years when I, on a whim, picked up a “Learn to Knit” kit. Everything I’d learned as a kid came back pretty much right away and six years later I’m still at it. 🙂


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