Library Gem: Wrap Style

Wrap Style
Is it just me or are capes and capelets really IN right now. It's a moment like this that I love when I can go into my knit library and find a book I bought years ago that still stands up!

Wrap Style features 24 wraps, caplets and a very popular shawl which was the reason I bought the book in the first place. 

I think we often fear that we'll buy a knitting book and find that it is SO dated by the next year. To be honest it wasn't until I had a customer looking for a fun wrap to make that I pulled this book off the shelf. As we were flipping through the book I was getting more and more excited about the fact that I still wanted to make all those patterns! And did you know that it comes with wonderful instruction on how to make a cape of your own? 

A sneak peek…

Seersucker Sneak peek!

Pattern coming soon! (in the mean time check out Wrap Style, I know you won't be dissapointed!)

9 thoughts on “Library Gem: Wrap Style

  1. Julie says:

    ooh, that looks so pretty!! I love caplets and wraps, too! I personally refuse to call them capelets, I don’t find they are cape-y at all- more like a shoulder cap!


  2. Kate B says:

    You inspired me to pull out my copy of that book. I’ve been wanting to make myself a small cape or poncho. That’s now moving up the list – after my Christmas knitting gets done.


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