FO: Rabbit Fur Cowl

Rabbit Fur Cowl

I am the first to admit I was wrong. When Atelier got a shipment of this rabbit fur yarn my initial reaction was, "Seriously? I just got this in my trick bag for halloween!" I swore up and down that I would never be caught dead knitting with it. Leave it to Amanda to make me put my knitting in my mouth. This is no fun fur.

Rabbit Fur

While I completely get what makers of fun fur or other eyelash yarn are going for there is no duplicating the real thing. This yarn which is exclusive to Atelier is made from actual rabbit pelts. Now before you get all PETA on me and start splashing my blog with cans of paint – the rabbit that this fur comes from is harvested for its meat. All those hides that would have gone to waste are used to create this unique yarn. As far as I know this is the first actual rabbit yarn on the market. It makes for a beautiful fabric just like the scarves or vests you would get at Neiman Marcus for a fraction of the price.

Atelier currently carries this red/black, a dark green, black (worn by the fabulous Linda below) and the currently sold-out grey/black color below. It was that cowl that turned my mind around. 


It was my mother that fell in love with red/black blend. During her Thanksgiving visit we went to Atelier and she walked out with a skein of the red and while she wanted to make it herself, I couldn't help taking it from her.

Now she has something luxurious to wear on her flight home…

Rabbit Fur Cowl

and I have a reason to use my "people's eyebrow" model pose. You're all welcome.

11 thoughts on “FO: Rabbit Fur Cowl

  1. Margaux says:

    It wasn’t hard, you can’t see your stitches well but overall knits up pretty easily. The cowl was made with the fur and Rowan Lima – knitting with the fur every 3rd round – so you got more out of it than you normally would.


  2. regina says:

    Jeez louise: that’s just amazing. I’ve always been anti-fur, but only because the animals were ONLY used for their fur, and then discarded. Since these are raised for their meat, it’s a whole different thing. How much of it did you use to make that cowl? I’m curious how affordable a project it is. It looks so luxurious!!


  3. Renate Beedon says:

    Looks great. I love the stuff you make.
    BUT – I really love your glasses – what brand are they?
    It looks like in the picture in the store you have another pair on and I love those, too.


  4. Diana says:

    I’d love to start knitting these beautiful scarves for my daughter and daughter-in-law. How would I go about obtaining a pattern and the fur?


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