FO: Empire Hat

Grey hat

Who doesn't love a super fast and easy hat!?

I know I really should be concentrating on my christmas gifts but I couldn't help myself!I was inspired by an image of a hat I had saved from way back in 2006. At that time I didn't have enough design skill to know what exactly needed to be done but now knew exactly what to do!

Empire Hat

I am calling this hat Empire. I always find it hard naming my knitted pieces so when I asked some friends to help, Julie was spot on who thought it had a city feel. I completely agree.

Although I know I knit at an above average speed I guarantee you can make this hat in a day (or two)! I made the grey hat going to and from Napa (about an hour drive both ways).  A perfect last minute knitted gift – just in time, too! There are only 12 more days until Christmas!! 


Bulky weight uarn: White hat – Katia Peru, 1 ball, Grey Hat – Artfibers Vinya – approx. 140 yards
Other suggested yarns: Quince & Co. Puffin or 

Needles: US 10 [6mm] & 10.5 needles [6.5mm]

Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle 

To fit a woman's average head size. (Hat measures 18" around.)



or Queue it up!

PS. I am also rocking my Atelier cowl – I loved it so much that after I gifted it I made myself one!

6 thoughts on “FO: Empire Hat

  1. melissa says:

    ooooh i like it very much!
    it would make a perfect “minnesota in the spring” hat. which is good, i don’t need anything else to distract me from the little bit of holiday knitting i have left! 🙂


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