Knit Style: Minimalist Cardigan

Knit Style: Minimalist Cardigan

Sweater: Minimalist Cardigan (knit in 08 but seamed 2009 – original post)
Cowl: Atelier Cowl (ravelry link)
Dress from Marmalade
Glasses: Bonlook
Boots: Frye  (sorry they got cut off!)

Sorry I got sidetracked with my knit style posts! I had originally wanted to do this weekly or at least bi-weekly and realized I had only done the ONE! So here I am all gussied up for work. I even washed my hair.

Knit Style: Minimalist Cardigan

My minimalist cardigan is high in the rotation. I love how simple and straightforward the pattern is and I almost forgot how much I love moss stitch. Not to mention the yarn from foxfire fiber… swoon.

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