FO: Grey Rabbit

Grey Rabbit

I swear I am making gifts for people but when this rabbit fur was back in stock at Atelier I had to "Stop the PRESSES" and make one for myself. 

Rabbit Fur Cowl

One ball of the rabbit and one ball of cashmerino aran (it's in there, trust me!!) = amazing. I am now obsessed with making a hat, a muff, maybe even a vest. It's rabbit hysteria!

I know you want some, so give a call to Atelier SF 415 771 1550 and tell Linda to put you on the list for the next shipment. Tell her Margaux said so. 😉 Because if you can believe after being in stock for only a week, this grey is already sold out! (Purple, red-black, black and green are there!)

Back to knitting reality – I cannot believe it's only 6 days until Christmas.  How are you holding up? Should we all plan a late night Christmas Eve knit-a-thon?? I am game to burn the midnight oil and pour a few bottles of vino to get it done. I am dedicated like that.

9 thoughts on “FO: Grey Rabbit

  1. Amy says:

    After your last post about it I bought some and made a black one for my mom for Christmas….I could hardly bear to put it in the box and wrap it and send it away. After Christmas it is my turn! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


  2. Natalie Reeves says:

    How disgusting that you would choose to use your knitting talents to support the slaughter of bunnies. Rabbits are smart, socialable animals and one of the most popular companion animals in the United States. They should never be eaten, hunted or worn. There are countless synthetic fibers that would have been lovely. I would never want to wear any dead animal against my body.


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