Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

I took these pics in route to a lil' fiesta for my friend's 30th birthday. Would you believe this vest has been collecting dust under my bed for over a year now? For shame! 

Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

shirt: jcrew
jewelry: stella & dot
flats: banana republic
vest: Honeycomb Vest from Knitty!(originally knitted in Oct. 2009

Upon re-reading the original post apparently getting lost and forgotten is this vest's M-O. Gotta fix that. Am thinking of a few outfits this would go perfectly with. 

Happy Knitting!

9 thoughts on “Knit Style: Honeycomb Vest

  1. melissa says:

    love it!
    now i’m going to go look under my bed in the hopes that a super cute handknit vest is lurking there… although i doubt it will work for me, seeing as how i’ve not knit myself a super cute vest.


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