Whale Watching at Point Reyes

My husband and I decided to go up to Point Reyes to see if we could catch some of the California Greys heading south this past week. 

Hey Lil' Lighthouse

Where is the horizon?

We waited and watched.

Looking for Whales

and watched.

Gorgeous Coast

And while we watched for whales, something else was watching for humans.

Deer doing some People Watching

To my sheer delight (I screamed) we did see about 5 of them coming up for air right by the lighthouse. I have never seen a whale in real life it truly was thrilling!

I also have never seen a coast so beautiful. 

Gorgeous Coast

I was amazed both by the beautiful landscape and the amount of cows and farm land there was (sorry i didn't get a proper photo of them). I now get all those commercials about how happy cows come from California, I mean look at their view!

Squinty McSquints at Point Reyes

I think I scared a cow with my over smiling. I can't help it, it was simple awesome.

10 thoughts on “Whale Watching at Point Reyes

  1. Kathy says:

    i love point reyes. my husband and I go there often and got married just up the coast a little ways. keep going north and you’ll keep falling in love with the scenery.


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