Tutorial: Wrap Bracelets

I'm happy to bring you a tutorial on how to make the "Chan Luu" bracelets with the girl who taught me, Emily!

Emily, the bracelet master!

Bracelet Supplies

Leather cording, your choice in color. We used the 1.5mm thickness. You can also use other cords made of linen or a natural fiber for a vegan option. 
Beading thread, color to match cording 
Beads, size, color and type up to you
Needle, thin enough to pass through your beads (sewing needle works well, too!)
Larger button or bead for the end of bracelet 
4 wrap bracelet 34-36 inches when cord is doubled 
3 wrap bracelet 20-22 inches when cord is doubled 
Make sure to wrap the leather around your own wrist to check for length and also allow enough cord for a knotted loop at the end to secure around the button. 
Let's Begin!
Take your button and thread it on the leather placing it halfway, folding the leather in half.

Tutorial Button placement

Step 1: Thread your needle and your first bead on to the jewelry thread, sliding it all the way to the opposite end of the thread – leaving yourself a 6" tail. Place the bead and thread OVER the leather cord with the tail of your thread coming from the bottom of the bracelet and working thread on top.

Bracelet Tutorial: Thread Bead

Step 2: Bring your needle behind the bottom cord, through the bead and out under the bottom cord.

tutorial bracelets

Pull Thread through.

Step 3: Bring needle from the bottom over the leather cord through the bead and under the top cord and pull tightly.


Repeat by bring the needle over the top of the leather cord through the bead and under the bottom cord.

bracelet tutorial

Bring needle up through the bead one more time ending with the thread coming out from behind the top leather cord. Pull tightly.

Step 4: Thread another bead and bring it down to the leather cord. 

Thread a new bead

Step 5: Bring needle over the the top cord and under the bottom cord holding bead in place with your fingers.

bracelet tutorial

Step 6: Bring needle over the cord, through the bead and under the top cord. Pull thread through.

bracelet tutorial

Thread another bead on the cord and conintue adding beads as in Step 5 and 6 until desired bracelet length.

Secure your last bead as directed as first by pulling thread through at least 3x. Tie a knot with the cord and thread at edge of bead. Cut thread. Tie 2nd knot allowing a space large enough to fit your button through.

Finished Bracelets

Make a full arm's worth and be the envy of your friends.

Shops on Etsy that sell beads: 
If you're local so SF there are our favorite bead places:  
The Bead Shop, in the Castro
General Bead, downtown 
Successories in the Button Box, Noe Valley 
Happy bracelet making!

13 thoughts on “Tutorial: Wrap Bracelets

  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been lusting after these bracelets for so long, but could never afford the “real” thing. But, my bead stash is huge, (almost as big as my yarn stash) and I’m thrilled to try to make my own!


  2. 15 says:

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see this!
    I have a bracelet I bought last year that’s made in this same style, which has a lot of sentimental value to me. After several months of wear, the cord starting fraying — so I still have the thing, it’s just been unwearable for fear that it would break and spill beads everywhere, and possibly lose part of it!
    I’m so happy to have a fix for it now! Thanks for posting.


  3. Yarn Coma says:

    Those are SO much fun. And so addicting. My friend taught me how to make them (she uses a slightly different method…two needles! AH!) and I went kind of crazy. I always have a hard time finishing though 😦


  4. Erica says:

    Great tutorial! I’m just a little confused on step 2, where you say: “Bring your needle behind the BOTTOM cord, through the bead and out under the bottom cord.” Do you mean to say “bring your needle behind the TOP cord, through the bead and out under the bottom cord?” I’m a novice beader, so there’s a very good chance I’m wrong, but I just had to check! Thanks. ^_^


  5. Chris Belote says:

    Can’t wait to do these!!!! I used to make jewelry and stopped for awhile. I am defenitley going back to it! Thanks for this site!!!!


  6. Kate says:

    I love the bracelets, and the tutorial. I’m with Erica above though, with confusion on step 2 where it says bottom cord twice. Can you please, oh, please clarify? Oh, and as I am also a novice, what is the difference between beading thread and sewing thread? Do you think a craft store salesperson would be able to help me and find where beading thread is located compared to regular thread? Thanks!


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