Spring Cleaning, Moving, Dreaming

It's a rainy day here in SF. A perfect day to stay indoors and to clean out the clutter. I love the theraputic nature of digging out old things and making room for new. It's time I also gave a new home to some of the yarn in my ever growing stash. I've come to terms that I won't be able to knit all my yarn no matter how good intenioned I am. It's time to let it go. It's pretty good timing too because it seems that my husband and I are moving yet again!

What brought us out here is bringing us to New England this summer.

Believe me, it was a very hard thing to accept that we'll have to move again in a little over a year – back to the east coast. We have loved every moment we have spent in San Francisco and I totally understand all those songs about leaving your heart here. It's a magical city. What's more is I've made so many great friendships in the short time we've been here that it's becoming just as hard to leave as it was to leave NJ.

But on the bright side we're moving to Boston! The city where I spent many fun college years on that campus in Chestnut Hill. And of course the birth place of Ravelry! 

I am once again excited for the change, to see where this new venture will take us. What it will mean for my knitting and designing. I have been so blessed to be able to crack into that here in SF and to be able to move to another knit virbant city is a stroke of luck.

So if you'd be so kind as to bare with the posts for a while as I am sure it will continue to be sporatic. I am still knitting my little fingers off and can't wait to show you some of the things I've been working on!

Till then, keep knitting!



12 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning, Moving, Dreaming

  1. melissa says:

    good on you for putting a positive spin on what could be a very stressful time. good luck getting everything ready for the big move!
    and we can’t wait to see all these lovely things your little fingers have been knitting!!
    take care!!


  2. Kara says:

    Oh congrats! That is exciting. Since Boston is only about an hour from us, maybe we can meet up once you’re settled in. Best of luck with the move!!


  3. regina says:

    And you’ll be that much closer to NJ, so it’ll be relatively easy for you to visit. I wish you luck with the move, and I hope to see you back on the east coast.


  4. Evelyn says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming move. I just visited Boston for the first time (and even met a blogger friend while there) and love the city. It’s nice to keep life interesting, isn’t it?


  5. Karen Sue says:

    Enjoy the experience!! Hard to make friends and then leave them behind, but now you have lots of people to visit and stay with the next time you travel west!! And Boston is going to be GREAT for you…I once broke my canollis there!! Well, I tripped and fell, landed on the cannollis and got to visit the Cape Cod hospital for a few stitches!! But it all worked out OK, and now I have a great story to tell, as you will with every move and adventure. Blogging is a great way to keep track of things and memories! Cram as much “wonderful” into your time left in SF!!


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