The journey begins.


Mr. H and I have begun our cross country drive to our new home state, Massachusetts. While I am so happy to be headed east it was extremely difficult to say goodbye to San Francisco. I have made so many great friendships in the short time I've lived there that it made saying "see you later" rough! Thank god for the internet or I don't know what I would do.

We saw our last sunset from the Pacific Coast highway earlier today. There is nothing like a sunset on the Pacific. What a magical sight. 

We decided to head a bit south before going west so that we could take this view in one last time. I also had this penchant to go to LA for some weird reason… cough**nonnahs**cough. Right after that we're headed to of my favorites (Hello, Vegas) and a few other cities that are brand new to me. Aside from the city stays we are camping at Grand Canyon, Zion National, and Arches National park. Nature! I am certain my voice is going to be hoarse from singing America the Beautiful everywhere we go.

And of COURSE I brought my knitting!  Would you believe my husband was concerned that I wouldn't have enough things to work on? But I brought an unfinished sweater, a pair of socks and a few other fun projects. I also made sure I brought along my trusty click set should I get some inspiration on the road. You never know what yarn shops could be a gps search away. 😉  

Glad to be back on the blog sharing and not stuck behind boxes! Thanks for your patience. 🙂

Wagons East!

10 thoughts on “The journey begins.

  1. Patrice says:

    Good Morning!
    Oh my, this is just so familiar to me 🙂 My DH and I lived in SF 30 years ago, newly married, originally FROM Massachusetts. We moved back 4 years later and yes indeedy, it was hard to say goodbye to The City by the Bay. I loved our time there, sounds like you did, too! Have a wonderful journey . . . . and knit knit knit!!


  2. Evelyn says:

    Thanks for sharing that gorgeous photo. I’m sure it will make you wistful whenever you look at it. Enjoy your journey east and soak up everything you see and experience. Funnily enough, I’m heading to western Mass this weekend for a little getaway and to bop around a sheep & wool fair.


  3. Vicki says:

    I haven’t left a place in a while, but I sure remember that feeling of saying good-bye. The road trip sounds like so much fun. Have a great time!


  4. Jennifer O says:

    So hard to move, again! The excitement of a new place but that heart-ache of so much left behind. Good luck and enjoy the trip!
    About a year ago I found a sweet little yarn shop in Moab (Threads?), just outside Arches. They had some local yarns and also a nice selection of broadly available yarns, plus they were so nice. Happy yarn hunting.


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