My handiwork.

It's exciting to see something you've worked on all fancy and in print.

During the past year I did some sample knitting for two amazing people Daniel Yuhas and Carrie Bostick Hoge. Two pieces have been out there in the internets and I'm so excited to finally post about them.

The first is a gorgeous center out blanket out of Brooklyntweed Shelter that's featured on the cover of Daniel's new book Knitting from the Center Out!


Daniel is a fabulous and creative designer. I really enjoyed working on the blanket and can't wait to see the finished book! You can pre-order it here.

The other is a gorgeous sweater called Sibella designed by Carrie for Quince & Co.

I believe you all know my love of all things Carrie. This was knit with chicadee in their heathers colorway, kittywake. The lace detail at the top gives this simple top a little character! It's a perfect wardrobe staple.

I'm still making my way cross the country! We currently are in Iowa making our way to Chicago today. I cannot wait to check out some LYS while I am there. Only a few more states to go before MA!

4 thoughts on “My handiwork.

  1. allison says:

    So it’s your handiwork I’ve been fawning over. Right now I’m knitting the Imogen tee, but Sibella is a top contender for my next sweater. You did a great job!
    Good luck on the move!


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