Thank goodness for socks


I almost forgot the type of brain melt that goes along with moving. And when I say "forgot" what I really mean is "blacked out". No matter how hard you try to focus and tell yourself "this is going to be OK. I am more organized than I was before" it still is enormously stressful. 

Don't get me wrong, our cross country road trip was amazing. My husband and I took full advantage of seeing as many things as we could. (HELLO, Grand Canyon. You Amaze Me.) We impressed ourselves with both our ability to get along in a car for 10 days and how "easy" it really seemed driving hours on end in a 24 hour period. (I really should stop and thank the people who designed cruise control. I do not know what I would have done without you!)

Of course, we both knew with a cross country move there had to be a snag somewhere. I am ever so thankful that snag wasn't in the form a flat tire in the middle of nowhere USA.

When we finally pulled into our driveway and gave our moving company a call to see where in transit our stuff was you'd imagine our surprise when they said it hadn't left the dock. (insert Snag.) Apparently we were a part of an "unprecedented" surge of people moving out of CA. So much so that our moving company evidently shipped trucks via train to deal with the demand.


So there we were in a house with nothing in it. We half joked about pitching our tent in our backyard but decided that was not how we wanted to introduce ourselves to our neighbors.

We decided to stay with friends. The generosity that was put forth from them was overwhelming. We had no worries but the date of our furinture arrival.

While not having our stuff for a little over two weeks was a little frustrating it truly wasn't the end of the world. But since I am human I did have my freak outs. Dudes, I had so many knitting plans! I was going to finish that sweater I keep talking about finishing. There was a Christmas stocking I promised someone. I wanted to do a stash bust sale! My poor yarn was sitting on a dock in CA!

Thank goodness for socks. A perfect pattern for the over occupied mind.


The pattern is called Kanhahar from the book Socktopus by Alice Yu. There is some errata which she lists on Ravelry so if you decided to do this pair check it out there first. The yarn is from Little Red Bicycle in Sidewalk Chalk. 

As of today we're 99.5% unpacked. And yes, I found all my yarn.

11 thoughts on “Thank goodness for socks

  1. Vicki says:

    It’s been 25 years since I moved anywhere… I truly cannot imagine it. So happy that all your stuff has finally arrived and that you are settling in! Nice socks. πŸ˜‰


  2. Evelyn says:

    What a lovely post. Applause for handling such a huge trip so gracefully and not letting yourself freak out too much while your stuff was slowly making its way across the country. Thank goodness for socks, indeed, and those are real pretties!


  3. LindaLovesLace says:

    If you’d stayed in SF you wouldn’t have had to worry about all that waiting and unpacking πŸ˜‰ Glad to see you and DH made the cross-country trip successfully. Miss you to pieces!! PS: nice socks!


  4. Julie says:

    That’s quite the moving story! I’m glad that you had good friends who were able to welcome you in while waiting for your stuff to arrive. Those socks are awesome!!


  5. steph says:

    oh, my—helped move my daughter cross-town and it nearly did me in!!! Hope by now you have somewhat settled…..and found all that knitting!!! (great great yarn shopping in MA!!!!)


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