Knitting a heirloom

This weekend I am having a good friend stay with us for a little R&R.
She is getting married in November and asked if I could whip her up a little something to wear for her reception. The piece she wants is the angora bolero that the Duchess Kate wore post wedding. I am SO excited to recreate this!


I know there are a few patterns for this out there already – one specifially from Vogue but I think I'm going to do this from scratch for her. She wants a few modifications and it will be good design practice for me.

 I am looking forward to casting on!

7 thoughts on “Knitting a heirloom

  1. melissa says:

    i got to knit a stole for my sister to wear at her wedding, it is such a lovely feeling, knitting for a bride.
    your bolero is going to be lovely!
    (and oh, that kate middleton is such a gorgeous woman!)


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