On the knit desk


This is the view of my "knit desk" which is really the dining room table taken over by yarn. 

I just finished my last sample knit and am now refocusing on some new designs, some baby knits andsome because-I-felt-like-it knits. It feels so good to just knit what I want when I want. I feel as if I've been "booked" for so long and glad I am giving myself a little selfish knit break!

Shockingly enough as a part of the "just because I want to" category of knits I casted on for a pair of socks!

I was so completely emmersed in these socks yesterday I literally thought to myself, "I'll take a shower right after I turn the heel." #youknowyoureaknitterwhen I really need to come clean about the fact that I like knitting socks from time to time.

The other goodies above include some Quince & Co yarn and a stack of books I keep meaning to share with you all! Let's just say I know a lot of really talented people :-) 

Happy knitting!

5 thoughts on “On the knit desk

  1. melissa says:

    the socks are fantastic!!
    i think i’m going to start referring to my pile of knitting as my “knit desk.” it sounds much more professional than “pile of knitting!”


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