Friday Links: Beautiful Knitting

There are some really beautiful patterns and pattern books popping up around the interwebs recently. Here's a little rundown of what you should be casting on like yesterday.

Wool 4
Yet another fabulous collaboration between Cecily Gowlick MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre for Quince & Co. Find the lookbook here and commence drooling.  


photo courtesy of Quince & Co.

Kelbourne Woolens Volume 1
Looks like the ladies over at KW are giving us a "greatest hits" of their patterns. I love their asthetic and now you can have them all in one booklet! Check out the lookbook here.


photo courtesy of Kelbourne Woolens

Mixed Drinks
While this is only a preview I cannot wait to see what the collaboration of Thea Coleman and Amy Christoffers brings! A new jist on your basic knitting pattern, Thea brings us Mixed Drinks. Taking one motif be it a shape, cable, lace pattern, etc. and allowing the designer to create what they may! I am so looking forward to all the "recipies"!


photo courtesy of Babycocktails

Botanical Knits
Alana Dakos has just come out with 12 new patterns for us to oogle over. From hats to scarfs to sweaters her latest work features beautiful leaf motifs incorporated into modern and flattering knitwear.

Autumns End

photo courtesy of NeverNotKnitting

I don't know about you but I've got a ton of queueing to do!!

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